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some ecards, woman says do whatever you want, do NOT do whatever you want, lol

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Funny Family Ecard: When a woman says 'what?' it's not because she didn't hear you. She's giving you a chance to change what you said. My husband still repeats himself, I'm like, "oh I heard you perfectly!

Please dont

I'm not the type of person you should put on speaker phone -- True story. Many of my friends have learned this the hard way.

When Mommy finally gets up to spank your butt, that's when you know... Shit just got real.

So, SO true. I remember when my Mom got off the couch, I had messed up.

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totally me! I couldn't be fake about anything if I tried - my facial expressions would never allow it.


If you have an opinion about my life, please raise your hand. Now put it over your mouth. Now write 300 times "I will keep my opinions to myself unless someone asks for them.

Isn't this the truth. Everyday. LOL.

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Don't talk to me until coffee. "Just because I'm awake at doesn't mean I'm ready to do things.