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I was set free John 8:36

Every single one of us are blind and in need of Jesus. We all are sinners. We all fall short but we have Jesus. He is The One that gives us freedom and His Holy Spirit gives us wisdom. We must see His face, pray, read His Word and draw near to Him. The more we seek Him, the less we stink of the world.

Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think. -- Buddha

You don't have to like someone to recognize their human dignity. It's called class. You don't have to be their best friend to be the bigger person. Drop the drama from ten years ago & just forgive. Free YOURSELF! Anger is always a secondary emotion. So ask yourself what is really going on behind their hate AND yours.

A reminder when I think about wanting to reconnect with my ex friend and ex running partner.


some days, both.

He tells us to worry about Nothing, but to pray about Everything, and thank him for all he's already done for us. He feels all our pain, and wants to heal us and give us His peace.

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What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice. The waters always changing, always flowing, but people I guess can't be like that; we all must pay a price. To be safe we lose our chance of every knowing what's around the riverbend!

Part of getting a second chance is taking responsibility for what you did wrong in the first place. - Jack Bauer (24) #quotesqr

Do people ever really forget their true love? That one person you were always destined to be with no matter that they may be separated by time and distance...some are lucky to have a second chance with their true love!

If you're lucky enough to get a second chance at something, don't waste it.

"... it would be quite scary to find a soul mate when you're young ... " -- Robert Pattinson

A cup of positivity, please!


motivational and inspirational quotes about life.

Learn from the lesson

I could care less about losing friends, because if I'm losing them they weren't real friends in the first place.

Grow up and say you could care less what I think. Didn't bother you to say it before

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It is one of the worst feeling to have. To not know where you stand with the person you love. Evne worst for the person to act as if they could care less