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    How to Build a Low-Maintenance Water Feature

    You can build this beautiful artesian fountain in just two days. And once it's built, you don't have to worry about maintenance. In this story, we'll show you everything you need to construct this stone fountain, complete with running water.
    Leslie McDowell
    • 3 years ago

    How to build a pondless "disappearing" garden fountain.

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    Makeup Artist Tip: Monistat Chafing Gel is the EXACT SAME FORMULA as Smashbox Photo Finish Primer & costs 1/5 the price! This post is all about airbrushed makeup cheat. makeup artist swears it will last all day with these tips.

    A detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies that can be done to facilitate and enhance our body’s natural detoxification process. The skin is the largest detoxification organ in which toxins can be drawn out through via sweat. Typically a detox bath is made with Epsom Salt also known as magnesium sulfate, which not only draws out toxins, but also has health benefits of its own.

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    NOW HOW COME MY PARENTS DIDNT DO THIS FOR ME WHEN I WAS A KID?? KoolAid ices cubes in sprite. The drink changes flavor as the ice melts! IM TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS NOW!

    Mother's Ruin Punch- another pinned said " a prohibition era drink featuring gin, champagne, and grapefruit juice. I have served it twice at two separate Christmas parties in an old fashioned punch bowl. Very potent and people love gathering around the punch bowl! I would hoover around this bowl too simply because it's yellow!~lol"

    Milk Bath recipe - great cure for super dry, winter skin

    Get Rid Of Black Heads In 5 Minutes. Half lemon and 3-4 drops of honey. Rub the lemon on your face, emphasize the black heads prone areas like nose, chin etc. Leave the lemon and honey mixture on your face for 5 minutes, then wash it with cold water. You will see the results immediately. Additionally, lemon juice will also fade other marks/spots on the face and honey will moisturize.

    **IVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING,BUT I JUST MIGHT HAVE TO TRY**oil pulling, "I've been doing this a week now, my teeth are whiter and no longer sensitive, any body puffiness I had is gone and I've lost two pounds this week and this is the only change I've made. My hair had become shiny and no longer frizzy, even my nails have smoothed out, I can really recommend this for everybody". Okay really want to try this

    mosquito trap - will have to try camping this year

    DETOX BATH - Pinner said: I currently have strep throat and thought this could help. Boy was I right not only did I sweat like crazy I could smell toxins leaving me (even a slight beer smell) also loosened anything in my chest and relaxed my body.

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    How to build a pondless "disappearing" garden fountain.

    DIY All Natural Scalp Treatment Removes product build up (even shampoo and conditioner build up) Relieves dry, flaky, tight skin Treats dandruff Stimulates the scalp to speed up hair growth

    How this family of six thrives on less than 28,000 dollars a year. Great budgeting ideas.

    For camping or late nights at the beach? Leave 1/4 of Mountain dew in bottle (just dont drink it all), add a tiny bit of baking soda and 3 caps of peroxide. Put the lid on and shake - walla! Homemade glow stick (bottle) solution. kids

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