• Christine Amisano

    Turkey Wing Whisk Broom. A traditional whisk broom. Was used by Benjamin Franklin to promote the Turkey as the National Bird to Congress in 1782. via BrenWood Forge & Brooms

  • Aislinn Winter

    Turkey wing broom

  • Joyce Marie

    He's a blacksmith & she's a broom maker! So cool. http://forgeandbroom.com/

  • Veronica Hurst

    Have real broom for hp decor

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Traditionally, the positioning of a Besom placed in the entryway of a person's home held a significant message. If the Besom was leaning against the door with bristles up indicated you're away from home visiting others. When the bristles were positioned downward, passersby would know you are home. If the broom were lying down, visitors would know you are busy and to please return at another time. Additionally, varying colors of ribbon (or written messages) were sometimes tied around the b


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