Seamless Join - Perfect!

Seamless and Symmetrical way to join rounds of crochet.

Joining tutorial - how to do the tight join.

Tutorial - how to crochet a tight join

How to join strips as you go - The tutorial is actually to crochet a wrap

Crochet Join Yarn Invisibly - Picture Tutorial


The Invisible Join / Crochet Tutorial


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Weaver’s knot tutorial - an important join to know. Very useful for knitters and crocheters.

Invisible Join Tutorial - Crochet - (facebook)

Technique :: Flat Slip Stitch Join For Granny Squares. Simple method uses back loop only makes a very sturdy join. . . . . ღTrish W ~ . . . . #crochet

Seamless Rounds : video $ picture tutorial. how to make hats (or any item made in the round) seamlessly and how to seamlessly change colors.

Russian style yarn join. No end weaving necessary! Genius!!!

Standing Double Crochet - joining without the slip stitch! Photo and Video Tutorials on Moogly! This is the stitch to use when joining a new color for a new round without the slip stitch and chain.

Oombawka Design *Crochet*: How To Join Crocheted Fabrics With an Invisible Seam Stitch

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invisible join, I've been looking for this, I knew there was an easier way!

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