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PLAIN + SIMPLE: Use ribbon in your hair. Cute!

15 Ways To Wear An Inverted Braid. Dress Up a Side Braid with A Ribbon A simple black ribbon is all you need to give this classic style new life. Found on Beauty Department

Simple updo for Saturday @Karyn Holinaty Johnson

a ballerina bun with a soft braid detail. 2 current and trending hairstyles tangled into one look!

When I was little I knew a woman who did this to her daughter's hair. I'd try to describe it, but no one knew what I was talking about. Proof!

I really wanna learn this. I really wanna learn this. I really wanna learn this.

i need to learn this...asap. except i would have to simi-straighten my hair first bc it's so curly... :o(

Really want to learn how to do this. Oh the lovely things: Obsession : Fishtail braids

Bohemian Twist

Day 13- Bohemian Twist

Jumbo Triple Barrel with the bohemian twist. Just found a jumbo triple barrel!

Waterfall braid

Swoonworthy Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Pictures of Sleek Waterfall Braid Hairstyle. Get hairstyles ideas and inspiration with Sleek Waterfall Braid Hairstyle.