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    • Israel Barak

      Spooning Sunday morning cuddles before church, One thing I love the most about us! This is our time to talk- just him and I w/o the rest of the worlds interruptions!

    • Love Food & Sex

      A kiss is Just a Kiss. No it isn't! Let me tell you why...... #love #food #sex #erotic #sexy #kiss #tender #French

    • Sweethearts® Jewelry

      #sleeping #together #spooning #love

    • Tammy Strauch

      Snuggles & cuddles with soft words & sweet kisses... xxO

    • Kassie Jahangir

      I want to sleep like this and wake up like this

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    Ascoltare il tuo cuore prima di addormentarmi..lasciarmi cullare dolcemente dal tuo respiro e dai tuoi battiti......e sentirmi al sicuro dal mondo,tra le tue braccia.

    though I am {honestly} content being single, I do long for this.

    "Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety, and strengthens the immune system." ♥

    31.10.2013 Sam ću, znajete! Izbečiću suzne kao burad oči. O rebra mi, da se oprem, dajte. Iskočiću! Iskočiću! Iskočiću! Iskočiću! Survava se i puca. Iskočiti nećeš iz srca! Iz pukotine usana na spaljenom licu oguljenom izraste parče poljupca izgorela. Mama! Da pevam ne mogu! Gori srca mog kapela!

    The way you always find my feet in bed, knowing they're you can use your feet to make them warm... And here I thought I should keep my cold feet to myself.

    you-are-infinite: I think this is the most beautiful picture I have seen on Tumblr.

    Victoria Erickson : "Show me how to be brave. How to be made of still and steady ground instead of waves, or rocks instead of fire, and flickering, dying flame. How to walk in the storm and not be swallowed by wind, or how to breathe when your throat feels as though it’s rapidly tightening, and closing in. ..........

    Good morning my love!!!! Would love to be laying beside you this morning and turn over to kiss you before we get ready... I hope you have a good day!! I love you!!

    Someone told me that if I believe in something or someone I shouldn't ever give up on them or her. I took that to heart and refuse to give up

    “Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that you share with another living being.” Barbara Fredrickson