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  • Rachel L.

    Love and Romance

  • Barak IT Soluciones

    Spooning Sunday morning cuddles before church, One thing I love the most about us! This is our time to talk- just him and I w/o the rest of the worlds interruptions!

  • Love Food & Sex

    A kiss is Just a Kiss. No it isn't! Let me tell you why...... #love #food #sex #erotic #sexy #kiss #tender #French

  • Corina Tsuda

    Snuggles & cuddles with soft words & sweet kisses... Love <3 Xoxo

  • Eric Ryon

    Classic spoon position One partner’s front is in contact with other one’s back, tucked into each other, holding tightly. Meaning: This is one of the most popular sleep positions among couples. The simple meaning of this one is, that there is a lot of intimacy between you both and are satisfied and happy in your relationship. You both love each other, and are committed as well. Apart from this, the person who holds tight in this position is the one who is less confident but, is ready to protect the relationship from all odds.

  • Trisha

    My dream Saturday morning with him. . I really think I felt his felt breath on my neck this morning. I woke up as the happiest girl in the world. . Yup, these are things he does to me.

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though I am {honestly} content being single, I do long for this.

"Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety, and strengthens the immune system." ♥

I work rather cuddle then go out, go to work, go to class, literally anything.

Although this is usually you wanting to cuddle with me because I am the hot sleeper... you are sure lucky!

photos black and white couples - Google Search

My favorite way to fall asleep :) happens a lot lately

Follow the rule: No cellphones in the bedroom

Good morning my love!!!! Would love to be laying beside you this morning and turn over to kiss you before we get ready... I hope you have a good day!! I love you!!

I wasn't awake and I wasn't asleep. I was somewhere in between, the light slanting through my eyes making me think I was in a bed of cloud and comfort.