hahahahaha..true for me

too funny

still laughing about this one! This is so true! I used to be skinny. But then I got hungry.

Just about sums it up.

So funny

Ummm..yeah..but atleast we're funny ;)

Every. Single. Time. Yep

I Call Bull *%$# - I often use this term, very fitting for a t-shirt. Come check out our awesome funny t-shirts!


You find it offensive? I find it funny. Thats why Im happier than you. more funny pics on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourfunnypics101

I love this... (AND my heels!!)

LMAO!!!! So True!!!!

hahaha. truth.

Dear life

True story.


Usually the reason why I cry when I am fighting with someone lol.