• Lea Ayer

    Idk why but i have recently become obsessed with pinup girls, maybe because they seem so fearless! lol anyways Kat Von D rocks!!!

  • Erica Radford

    My favorite tattooed woman. My role model #KatVonD

  • Ivo Vieira

    Kat Von D looking amazing. Contact us for more information on how to become a tattoo artist today! Get more details at www.tattooschool-art.com.

  • Angela Orlando Sleeper

    Kat Von D - isn't she amazing!!! My total girl crush!

  • Nicole Lyseng

    Kat Von D. LOVE the pin up girl look.

  • Sarah Ackerman

    Kat Von D! Role model :)

  • Kowalsky440

    Kat Von D pin up look

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