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    Silly, but cute. TV Shows: How to tell if you're a real fan.

    Game of Thrones reimagined as other popular TV shows

    "We used to walk into each others apartments all the time. We're friends" "Nah, that was a TV show"

    True that....

    "Sam I think I know what we're dealing with here. It's the stay-puft marshmallow man." | 33 Real Lines From "Supernatural" That You Can't Believe Aired On TV

    Roseanne | 24 Examples Of Infinite Wisdom From Movie And TV Dads

    Love the costumes on reign! I want this dress for real life!

    hahahahaha: Chris Hemsworth, Avengers Assemble, Funny Pictures, Avengers Marvel, Real Thor, Little Boys, Kid

    Typical Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

    So effing true!!!

    Rewatching Disney true...

    The story that Sarah Michelle Gellar was as heartbroken over Buffy and Angel as the rest of us were.

    Every time there is internet...

    oh adventure time

    Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans.

    HIMYM meets Dr Horrible. Canon accepted.

    Every Fandom

    true story....

    My first TV crush - Methos of Highlander. Sarcastic, clever, book-loving, surprise BAMF. Yeah, my tastes have changed a lot.

    Camping. ("Camping" in an RV or fifth wheel, with showers, air conditioning, and electricity, is NOT camping!) Funny!