Day in The Life Of A Neonatal Nurse <3

I don't agree with the end part of this statement, because "my world", meaning "the most important thing to me", is my Lord, my God! He is my world. Otherwise, this saying is perfect!

NICU nursing ❤️

So true. We have 2 little miracles

My senior research project in nursing school.

I am so excited to announce that I will finally be a NICU nurse!

....or when you realize your short staffed!

"You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person and I guarantee you win, no matter the outcome." Patch Adams. Very important to remember as a nurse. One of the first things I learned in nursing school was that doctors treat the disease and nurses treat the patient.


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Someone shared these on simple nursing on Facebook

Laura Winslow Photography What A Wonderful World Printable 8x10

Maternity nursing

Free Weekly NICU Progress Reports

7 Best TED Talks for Nurses #Nursebuff #Nurse #TED

Pediatric Cardiac Defects. Nursing School

Overlooked #tax deductions for nurses and healthcare professionals

Nurse humor.

...except I could solve this a hell of a lot faster than a Rubik's cube!

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