Not an uncommon sight when you visit Yellowstone in the winter months. The fox and coyote will listen for a mouse or vole below the snow . . . and then dive down to catch their dinner.


Peek a Boo Baby Fox

The fox and the Van cat are best friends at Lake Van near Chittor, Turkey • photo: Milliyet Newspaper • story and more pics:

Wow ***

My brother always brought home injured animals when we lived down by the river. I had farm animals as pets until we moved and after that we had a fox, an owl, and a raccoon. :) I loved it. We always have our doggies too. Animals are just so loving.

The Murmuring Cottage

Red Fox in Winter

baby fennec fox


The Fox

The house fox.

Beautiful Fox.

Fox babies

Fox kits

fox in the snow

Red fox in the snow ~ beautiful set of this fox by Rob Lee on Flickr #fox #nature #photography