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  • nel Krouwel

    a reflection of his small world~

  • Sarah van Goethem

    Ant with water droplet - wow amazing photography - thanks for sharing

  • Alex Blackstone

    Ant and Waterdrop

  • Edie McDonnell ~WoW~

    The Chinese phrase Wu Wei means “effortless effort.” Think of it like an ant pushing a giant bubble; but the bubble is just air and water. Do your best, do it wu wei, and then trust the outcome. In other words, remove all self-limiting doubts, and your life will flow effortlessly and playfully like a dew drop.

  • Claire Marshall

    Amazing photo .. an Ant pushing a water droplet, reflecting the world around him!

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The tiger, an Endangered species, is one of the only cats (big or small) that enjoys swimming.

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macro photography - love this! Worked a little with this technique in college and it really makes you see the world in a new and beautiful way!

This world in the times to come will radiate the essence of harmony. It will hold the resonant frequency of the higher, non-physical realms and thus will Be the "heaven on earth" that has been prophesied throughout your history. Because You-each of you-exercised your Divine Will in harmony with Divine Intent. It is You who will have crated this world anew, by recognizing yourself as Oneness-and resonating as One. Just as it was In The Beginning. -Rasha

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