Brittany (Spaniel)

Learn about the Brittany (Brittany Spaniel) , see Brittany (Brittany Spaniel) pictures and find Brittany (Brittany Spaniel) puppies. The Brittany, formerly known as Brittany Spaniel, is an athletic and sturdily built dog of medium size


Brittany Puppies Pictures Images Country of Origin: The Brittany (also accepted as the ‘American Brittany’, ‘Brittany Spaniel’, an.

The Brittany spaniel is a dog with a Continental spaniel-type head (braccoïde in French) and a short or inexistent tail.

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Ils ne parlent pas mais leur regard vaut souvent tous les mots du monde. Les photos de ces animaux abandonnés et qui ont retrouvé un foyer font chaud au coeur !

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The Brittany is a hunting dog with a beautiful face and a beautiful personality. Find out more about this French hunting dog in the BBS Breed Spotlight!

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Brittany Spaniels = We miss you so much, Skipper. We'll always love you.

Brittany Bird Dogs. My love.

Brittney puppies-- someone show these to Kyle, because this is what he's supposed to surprise me with.

Brittany Spaniel puppy.. this is the pup i want! yes. don't tell zach, just let it be a surprise.. trust me - he'll ... love it.

Brittany Spaniel puppy -- my dad used to breed/raise these dogs -- great family dog!