Hiroyuki Ishikura

Mary Blair

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Camp d'été

Illustration from A Child's Book of Poems by Gyo Fujikawa. Her vintage-y art has been one of my favorites since I came across her book a couple of years ago.

hundertwasser lesson poster by emily valenza


A wedding invitation illustration by nicholas stevenson.

ilustración de ケシ

becca stadtlander illustration

yoko tanji illustration

illustrator Rene Cloke (4 Oct 1905 - 1 Oct 1995) She illustrated several Blyton books including The Pixieland Story Book (Collins 1966). Included is an illustration from Joy Bells, a postcard entitled "Evening Stars".

Yoko Tanji

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Sonja Wimmer

olaf hajek

melissa eymann

botanical prints and books

Graham Franciose

Christine Lindstrom "Fragile"

Lotta Kühlhorn - so pretty!!!