• Michael Redmond

    Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm.... 4/14/2012 Beautiful mammatus clouds.

  • Jean Kittelson

    Some pretty awesome mammatus clouds looming, and likely associated with a cumulonimbus storm cloud which can bring tornadoes, waterspouts, hail, lightning, and thunder. | Another Pinner said: "Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm.... 4/14/2012"

  • Cathy Ponder

    New Wonderful Photos: Norfolk Nebraska Clouds Before The Storm

  • Stacie Hatton

    Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm. Storms - Severe Weather - Mother Nature


    Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm.... 4/14/2012 #photography #nature

  • Cindy Cunningham

    Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm.... 4/14/2012. These are called mammatus clouds and when you see them for the first time you won't know whether to laugh at the boobies in the sky or run for cover. Hint: BEFORE the storm. Weird stuff.

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