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We're happy to start living like everybody else regardless of what the state thinks about it


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Rachel Hollis has become a swimsuit role model. Over the weekend, Hollis proudly embraced the battle wounds from her pregnancies by...

Judge Carlton Reeves sentenced three young white men in the murder of an innocent black man. But first, he had something to tell them.

When the school of a daughter of fallen Chandler police Officer Bryant Holmes was having a father-daughter dance, Chandler and Gilbert officers made sure the young girl had a memorable time.

Jamie Brewer makes history.

Student who started fund has raised more than $300K for the hard-working, hard-walking man.

The staggering lack of f*cks given by Michelle Obama sent Saudi Twitter into a tizzy.

23-year-old Daniel Casey is preparing to compete in the inaugural-scaled division of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.

Even fifty years later, Todd Endo remembers clearly what he heard yelled from the sidelines as he marched in the mostly-black crowd in Selma, Alabama."I...

Run for your life: Eddie Izzard completes his run around the whole of the UK in 2009.

Overweight Cancer Survivor Teaches Whole World To Dance

On her final day, Brittany Maynard did her favorite thing. She strolled outside with her husband, her family, a friend, and a dog. Then,...

Maddow: I had heard the news about how huge the rally was in Paris this weekend. I had read the reports about what it was like, there on the ground. But until I saw this, this guy turning around ...

Empowering Women Now | These 3 Fearless Girls Got On National Television And Shocked Everyone

This educator proves some of the most important lessons aren't academic. Nissa Ellet, principal of Heth-Washington Elementary in Indiana, became concerned for her students after noticing that many of them owned shoes that frequently needed mendi...

Elizabeth and Fred Smits, of New Zealand, are on a five-year journey across the globe