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I am totally making these - not to discount Jessica Lynne on Etsy, or anything. She's got fantastic hats for her pugs. Love love love her stuff!

"Our girlfriends vacation, we come every year!" #dogs #pets #pugs

This is actually how my pug exercises (she loves to dance around on her back legs) - except replace the bone with a carrot.

Nobody naps as hard core as pugs.

Cloud 7: Strictly For Modern Dogs |

jenawithonen: can u keep it down i am trying to read.

Pug puppy is so happy to be cuddling!

Network weather dog ready to go on assignment for the evening news. The blizzard is said to be in full force by then.

You might want to give this pug a snack before he gets angry!

It's crazy when you are cruising Pinterest and you see your dog posted by someone you don't know. Pug Girl can do it all! YES SHE CAN!

Knock knock!  You decent?  Oh.  You are?…darn.