How to Cut Boys’ Hair Like a Pro

If you’ve ever wanted professional lessons on how to cut his hair by yourself, my friend Liz–a licensed cosmetologist–agreed to show me (and you) the tricks of the trade. Normally, these lessons would cost you a partial cosmetology school tuition, but we are bringing them to you free! Now go pour yourself an ice water on me, and let’s get to work!

how to cut boys hair

Simply Everthing I Love...: How To Cut Boys Hair The Professional Way

How to cut men's hair. Haha, be handy for when I do my boyfriends hair...

How to Do a Boy's Haircut with Clippers - Frugal Fun For Boys

How To Cut Boys Hair The Professional way

Short hair under cut

Boys will love this!!! From here:


how to cut bangs

To moms of boys especially- if you're going to do it, do it right! How to cut boys hair the professional way

DIY boys haircut, tutorial that makes sense of blending. yay!

Cutting boy's hair. I need to study up, K has some long hair already. So it's either surfer dude, or I learn this!

Little boy haircuts... cause girls' hair is easy: just let it grow... but boys? My hubby likes them pretty clean cut, but I can't stand buzz cuts on little boys (sheesh! they're not in the military yet!) I like a little hair to tousel and comb aside! These are perfect!

How to cut boys Hair with clippers and scissors - YouTube

Simply Everthing I Love...: How To Cut Boys Hair The Professional way#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

HOW TO CUT BOY'S HAIR // basic boys haircut // hair tutorial - YouTube

How to Cut a Little Boy's Hair. (Wish I had seen this when my son was little. He still talks about when I clipped his ear with the scissors like I did it no purpose.)