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Today we remember all those who lost their lives 12 years ago on September

We will always remember.....

9 11 Tribute

Targets of 3 Successful Plane strikes on American Buildings ) Remembering and Honoring the Heroes of

Statue of Liberty and American Flag Photographic Print by Joseph Sohm at Art.com

Statue of Liberty and American Flag

Statue Of Liberty American Flag.symbols of freedom. Be very mindful of your freedom. Everything you have in the name of freedom, you want your children to have, and their children to have, can disappear. Be aware, for yours and their future.

Our Flag represents many different things.  It is the symbol of freedom and has seen many lay down their life in preservation there of.  It deserves the utmost respect from anyone who claims America as home.  It is a reminder to those that threaten our soils, that we are a nation founded on war. "This We'll Defend"

The flag is constant reminder of what unifies our country and symbolizes our freedom. It provides hope for many and represents sacrifice to others. To me, the red, white, and blue reminds me that I am proud to be an American!

We the people, of these United States, in order to form a more perfect union,hold these truths to be self-evident.

US Flag, Constitution

Be Anti-Government: Teach the Constitution!--Teaching our children the constitution (they won't be learning it in school).

9/11/2001 A firefighter arriving looks up at the daunting task he is required to participate in , the heavy firefighting equipment alone that needed hauled up the 110 floors of the building he was assigned to attend at, would exhaust this extremely fit firefighter and most went up but never had the opportunity to come down so bravely continued fighting the flames until crushed to death as the tower collapsed

~ WORLD TRADE CENTER. This photo is of my friend's father-in-law looking up at the towers. Sadly, he was one of the firemen lost in this horrible attack on America.

Thank you FDNY, NYPD, and PAPD.

Remember the heroes usa patrotic september 11 sept 11 never forget twin towers

Planes hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, as part of a coordinated terrorist attack. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

On the afternoon of the Library began collecting U. and foreign newspapers to capture the immediate horror in journalists' words and photographers' lenses.

Get Ahead In Your Career By Avoiding These Body Language Mistakes.

Get Ahead In Your Career By Avoiding These Body Language Mistakes.