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Reserved for Fran --deposit on a classic pearl brooch posy

Stylish way to bring something vintage to your wedding (grandma or great grandma's pin, etc.) and have something that you can have forever (I dried my bouquet and kept it for 5 yrs and it looked like a bouquet of dead flowers collecting dust-lol).

- Picture frames glued together with no back and a flameless candle behind...illuminates the photos.

Allow you guests to write messages on stones, which can later be displayed in a lovely vase. To prevent the well-wishes and messages from fading, you should spray the stones with clear acrylic gloss. -repinned from Los Angeles County, California officiant

A shabby chic bridal bouquet featuring succulents, dusty pink roses and peonies for a rustic wedding. | Twisted Willow Flowers in New Jersey