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… handmade cover of Moby Dick. Melville published the book in 1841.

Moby Dick: don't be turned off by this book's reputation as a "classic" ... An excellent read!!

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Leather-bound Folio Society limited edition, with Rockwell Kent's illustrations.

Papercraft Alphabet These adorable letters have been created by Markus Fischer. Markus has kindly shared a PDF of each character, so that you can print, cut out and glue them together, making your own alphabet.  Wonderful designs. I love the little A for Astronaut and N for Ninja. prettylittlepieces: 26 Paper Craft Templates For All Letters of the Alphabet (each an animal, thing, or people starting with that letter)

Melissa Hall know you are reading Moby-Dick now, so it made me think of you. p.s. you are braver than i. that book is so intimidating!

I love how the alignment of the words are worked into the graphic so that it looks like the whale, and the red in the script font below contrasts with the blue enough to stand out a little, but doesn't make it stick out too much since it's not the focal point.

Moby Dick! Lesson kids is don't hunt whales or you're going to regret it! - Omar Todd.

This book cover takes a unique and fresh approach to representing the classic tale of Moby-Dick. I think that the most successful part of this book cover is the fact that the designer was able to accurately communicate the message of the book, without using the cliched image of the whale itself and the book cover design also shows some constrained visual language effects.

Love the color. Also, how no matter how "big" we think we are, there is always something bigger.

On the mass of individual make question and concerns about government. The wave made from it is huge. Others are most curious and are looking for answers. ------------ Moby Dick