Hill Country Mysteries: A Walk Around

Blue Perennial border

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Tough-as-Nails Perennial Garden Plan Catmint >> Lavender cotton >> 'Moonshine' yarrow >> 'Munstead' lavender >> Penstemon >> Phlox >> Purple coneflower >>

Plumbago is a drought-tolerant shrub that thrives in full sun and produces a periwinkle blue flower.

Purple smoke bush (cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple') - full sun, drought tolerant, small plumes of flowers in the summer

Blue Queen Salvia - You are sure to enjoy summer-long beauty year after year with this rich violet-blue salvia. This garden-favorite perennial is a member of the mint family, performing well and blooming brilliantly with a lovely fragrance. Butterflies love it as well. Heat- and drought-resistant hybrid explodes with plump spikes in midsummer. Flowers have long staying power well into fall. It is easy to care for. Grows 15-18" tall, 12-18" wide

bank of grasses and perennials

Creeping Thyme. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Blooms all summer long. Will tolerate all soil types, is drought tolerant, rabbit and deer resistant. This old-fashioned perennial has a year round display of color. In early summer the plants are covered with stunning pinkish-rose flowers that last until the first hard frost. The stunning foliage stays all through the winter months. A very hardy perennial that attracts butterflies and can be grown throughout the country. Zones 4 - 9.

A Garden You Water Four Times a Year : Gardenista...olives underplanted w/DT perennials, shrubs & herbs.

colours and textures up hill with small plants to create layered effect

“Mexican Oregano: A true jack of all trades. Full sun and part shade tolerant? Check. Evergreen? Check. Drought tolerant? Check. Deer proof? Check. Edible? Yes! This amazing perennial should be in everybody’s yard! Its gets somewhat big, and looks good as a mid layer in Xeriscape flowerbeds. One of our absolute favorites that we often utilize in our xeriscape flowerbed designs.”

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16 of The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials When summer heat kicks in, rely on these drought-tolerant plants to hold their own -- and still look beautiful.

drought resistant grasses - perfect for the Texas Hill Country

I really want to do this. Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silvery foliage 18 tall 24 wide. This drought-tolerant hardy perennial has extremely fragrant foliage

One of my favorites, Fushia "Gartenmeister"

Perennials are the backbone of any garden and finding the right ones is crucial to gardening success. It sometimes takes a bit of trial and error because what works for one gardener might not necessarily work for another. Everyone's conditions are different! However, there are a few perennials that are tried and true for all but the hottest zones. Read on as eBay shares the five must-have perennials your garden needs!

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