Adjusting Jeans Refashion (having trouble finding jeans that fit both thighs and waist)

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Another tutorial for hemming jeans. Short and to the point directions.

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Easy ways to make your off the rack jeans fit your custom body! Fix saggy butt, loose waist, and more

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Etsy {NewYork} Street Team - Indie Artists, Artisans & Crafters of the NY Metro Region: How-To: Refit Old Jeans with Side Panels

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How To Let Out Pants [Tutorial] : If you've ever struggled to button a pair of pants be sure to check out the Letting Out Pants tutorial. This helpful link will show you how to make pants bigger by letting out the waist. If you are a person whose weight often changes then this can be an extremely helpful trick. You don't need to go out and buy new pants if you have gained a few pounds. Keep your old pants and simply make them more comfortable by letting out the waist with these easy steps.

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how to take in the waist of jeans the right way. This is a great website for alterations done right

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Reducing neckline gaping - shallow chest adjustment

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bring in your jeans to fit your waist and curve to your shape

Guia Basica #GoogleAnalytics by @madeinargieland

what a good idea for low-slung, skinny jeans. She sewed a band of ribbing (w/ elastic at the waist) to help keep them up. Brilliant.

12 Ways Google Drive can augment learning-Go Melissa U!

how to make adjustable waistbands on jeans. NO, seriously, this is