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Skinny and fit! Yay, finally a body that can motivate me! Most pics of fit women are impossible for me to attain! <<<< hun, you dont need to look like a twig to be concidered fit. Fit is having a happy life syle, not the way you look.

Yoga in the midst of everything.

one day this will be me

yoga, fitness, and fit image

Power & grace - the scorpion pose.

always loved this pose, but am still unsure on how to get there...maybe down from a wheel? or reclining back into it from camel?? this ones a goal of mine :)

My Yoga Practice Goes Italian. ~ Zoe Schiffer

This is actually amazingly hard.


Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls with Coconut Curry Almond Butter Sauce and Shrimp

yoga bring it on!

she was like the moon - part of her was always hidden     ardha chandrasana, no hands.

My latest pose obsession: ardha chandrasana, no hands.

Great images of the beauty and strength within this posture - The Art of Backbending (Poem and Images)

The Art of Backbending - after too much time hunched over a desk working backhands feel soo good to release your spine.

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The Traveling Yogi

Love this pose! Makes you feel super strong.

One of my favorite poses

Tara Stiles -- Ford model and yoga expert

Tara Stiles yoga, free on you tube! Great for pre-wedding stress!

How Yoga Opened My Heart & Soul

How Yoga Opened My Heart & Soul

nice Beautiful yoga Pics

nice Beautiful yoga Pics

You know when you lose count of your sun salutes?

Yoga Poses Around the World: "partner yoga - inverted buddha". This is how I want to be with my lover when we grow old.

"Partner yoga - Inverted Buddha" Yoga Poses Around the World:

yoga. cat. gray. vintage look. and i already have a spot for it.


Cat on the mat. Such a helpful yoga pose friend.

Yoga Poses for Headache Remedies and Migraine Remedies - Shape Magazine

Naturally Relieve a Headache with Yoga

The most significant benefits of yoga for migraines sufferers and non-sufferers will be the lowering of stress.