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usually don't go for these, but here is a good one.

Keep Calm and... I love Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man. :)

I need this on my wall at work. "It's not their fault. Not everyone has a BFA in Graphic Design."

Basically meaning wear what you want, do your hair how you want, and just be your amazing self. ♥

So... making signs with random quotes would be easy enough and give a visitor endless funny things to read in an visually stimulating manor without even opening a book!! Shelby Stroud im going to need some graphic design help!

I'd rather regret something I did, than something I never even tried.

I'm tired of keeping calm and carrying anyone else?

I think it's appropriate for StarWars to start on episode4 and end in episode 3 so that fathers and sons see that obvious evil comes from manipulated good. But it is hard to see from within The Empire. Food for thought young padawans

Wish I could write all day...but then I wouldn't be able to paint & pin all day!

If I were forced to choose a motto....this would probably have to be it. I believe this deep down in my soul.

Custom KEEP CALM lunch bags ... hmmm ... I could make these too.