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Madeira, Portugal

Pico do Areeiro, Madeira

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira Island, Portugal

Balcões - Madeira Island

Madeira's - Portugal - Lindo

The Levadas, Madeira

Levadas - Madeira

Levadas, Madeira

Wild coast of Madeira | Portugal

Madeira island , Portugal

Ribeiro Bonito Waterfall at "Levada do Rei" Arco de S. Jorge Madeira, Portugal

These natural pools in Porto Moniz, #Madeira are filled by tides from the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by lava rocks. / Las piscinas naturales, rodeadas de extrañas formaciones de lava y bañadas por aguas cristalinas, son sin duda el mayor atractivo de este pueblo. El complejo ofrece guardería e instalaciones para los discapacitados. Resto de instalaciones: Vestuarios con casilleros, duchas, un bar, un puesto de socorro y un aparcamiento. #Madeira #Portugal

“Poios” is what agriculture fields are called in Madeira Island. They look like this because it’s easier for farmers to plant their crops due to the inclination of the mountains. Sadly, over the years they have been replaced by houses, hotels, malls, etc. You can still find some mostly in the north.

Madeira colors, Portugal

Douro River in northern Portugal • photo: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau on Flickr

The Mermaid Pools in New Zealand

Waterfall Highway, Northern Madeira, Portugal

Stairs Into The Clouds (Pico do Arieiro, Madeira Island, Portugal)