Giant wave-like shelf cloud, seen near Sydney, Australia

Stormy sky.

wall clouds thunderstorms in indiana | This is a common site before tornados begin descending to the ground ...

Oldest known photograph of a tornado. August 28, 1884. 22 miles southwest of Howard, South Dakota. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

SUPERCELL STORM: "supercells usually produce huge amounts of hail, torrential rainfall, strong winds, and substantial downbursts and they are often carriers of giant hail" -

WEATHER PHENOMENON: The Sky Is Falling In Bozeman, Montana - Stunning And "Unusual" Shelf Cloud Formation-- Oct. 1, 2013

Shelf cloud formation

Love clouds...

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Whoa! Watch A Spectacular Supercell Take Form In Wyoming on Sunday. (5-18-14) It is absolutely spectacular — the stuff of science-fiction movies. Time lapse video.

Shelf Cloud Unlike roll clouds, shelf clouds are attached to a larger parent cloud. But, like the roll cloud it, too, is an arcus cloud. They are often enormous and frequently forewarn the coming of a big storm, whereas roll clouds typically do not precede bad weather. Shelf clouds can falsely give the appearance of being a wall cloud (which comes after a storm) but a shelf cloud usually has a ragged bottom.

# Sydney, Australia. Gary Hayes

I will never be the one to catch something like this bc Id be to busy hyperventilating and peeing my pants.

Fallstreak hole, this is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a skypunch. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover.


Mjolnir cloud

Giant waterspout in Tampa Bay. That's where I live (lighting Capitol) it's really quite beautiful here when it storms



Asperatus cloud wicked looking. If the sky was to turn like that where I live, I would Run

rain storm clouds