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  • LeLee

    Japanese Bottlebrush This unique plant takes very little maintenance. Feathery, brush-like spikes form on the thin, wiry stems that arch above the lacy, green leaves below. The light carmine flower clusters have a unique look, giving the appearance of caterpillars perched on branches. Rabbit and insect pest resistant. Drought tolerant. Sanguisorba obtusa Light: Full Sun to Part Shade Bloom Time: Early Spring to Early Fall Size: #1 Plants Zones: 4 to 9 Height: 30-36"

  • Marianne Paulsen

    Bottlebrush Plant Stands out in Sunny Borders! Soft pink, caterpillar-like flowers atop a low mound of gray-green foliage are delightful water-side. An easy to grow perennial makes a great addition to any garden. Light: Full sun to partial shade Height: 24-36" Bloom Time: Summer Zones: 4 to 9

  • SoniaSophia

    Japanese Bottlebrush - Breck' s recommends for containers. Flowers early to late summer. 30-36"h. Full sun to part shade. Rabbit and insect resistant.

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Arisaema sikokianum (Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit) is a herbaceous perennial plant

Japanese bloodgrass Imperata cylindrica A stand of Japanese bloodgrass backlit by the evening sun is a sight to behold. Its beautiful mid-green leaf blades appear dipped in crimson paint and remain colorful through summer and fall. While grasses typically are drought-tolerant, Japanese bloodgrass must have sufficient water to thrive.

Bigroot Geranium One of the toughest plants in the shade garden, bigroot geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) doesn't mind heat or drought. And, deer and rabbits typically pass it by in search of tastier morsels. This plant puts on a spring show with pink or white flowers; some varieties also offer outstanding fall coloration in their woodsy-scented foliage. Bigroot geranium is hardy in Zones 4-8 and grows 2 feet tall. Top Picks: 'Album' offers white flowers; 'Ingwersen's Variety' offers clear pink flowers; 'Variegatum' has purple-pink flowers and white-variegated leaves

Lupine 'West Country Gladiator' (Lupinus 'West Country Gladiator')

Flowering quince...I see this plant every year around this time and it always catches my eye. I finally I know what it is called.

Japanese Quince (Shrub)/ATTRACTS: Wildlife. Plant with Purple Needle Grass which attracts Birds. Who would have known such a beautiful shrub would be so valuable to Wildlife!

Arisaema sikokianum (Circumcised Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit) - Part Sun to Light Shade - 15" high

Japanese Orchids. If these smell good... these could quite possibly be my new favourite flower! :D

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