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Purple sweet potato yam cake

Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Coconut & Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream (Vegan)

Bakpia (肉餅) or hopia (好餅) - The flaky type of bakpia uses Chinese puff pastry. Clear examples of this can be seen in China (especially Macau) and Taiwan, making this type the authentic Chinese hopia. Popular fillings are mung bean, azuki bean and purple yam, but modern fillings such as chocolate, pineapple, durian, cheese, cappucino and custard are also possible.

Sweet Potato Gems

Japanese sweets for tea ceremony

temari nerikiri - traditional Japanese handball sweets

Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake (Recipe in Chinese)

Gyeongdan (Sweet rice balls) - Sticky rice balls, rolled in cinnamon, black sesame, or soybean powder

Purple Sweet Potato Ang Ku Kueh