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  • Amber Murray

    3 Week Old Bib Lettuce Grown in the Tower Garden

  • Niki Beaver

    aeroponic garden towers- AMAZING- this would just be fantastic

  • Dragonfly Ho

    New England Aeroponic Tower Gardens Look at the beautiful basil and Bibb lettuce after only 3 weeks in this Florida greenhouse Tower Garden

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The Garden Tower after 1 week :

My first aeroponic tower garden!!!

Become an Aeroponic Tower Gardener with the Amazing Tower Garden by Juice Plus+

Aeroponic Greenhouse Vertical Gardening. I think I'll get another to dedicate for nothing but Strawberries. (They are sooooo expensive in the stores)

  • Give Me Ireland Dreams

    Long ago before it was cool, we had experimented with pvc pipe vertical and gutter trough planters. Problem is amount of extra nutrients and water needed due to less root space. Just didn't work because we wanted to cut down on water consumption and time spent with plants. Potato barrels /garbage cans work great for that crop. Experimenting with converting those to strawberry and even raspberries.

  • Give Me Ireland Dreams

    Have done tomato and corn in wire compost bins while composting with great success. Thinking of squaring compost wire bin using chicken wire to accommodate same gardening style but with strawberries. Like the new style with worm bin in center of grow area!

  • Give Me Ireland Dreams

    You could also get 5 gal buckets and convert, stacking three high w/ center stake support. Look to institutions (prisons, hospitals, schools) for cast offs of pie filling, pickles and peanut butter buckets.

Vegetables being harvested at a commercial greenhouse which uses aeroponic towers.

Millions of people live in apartment buildings, they too can enjoy the pleasures of gardening with a balcony garden. Many opportunities exist...

El objetivo del proyecto es crear una jardinera movil hecha por nosotras para ahí germinar las plantas con un sistema de riego especifico y que sirva para facilitarnos la vida y el espacio de nuestro hogar y empezar a crear una cultura verde en la que cada quien tenga una de estas en su casa ya que es fácil y sencillo

fashion9811.blogs... - The Tower Garden on your left is over 4 weeks, to your right is over 2 weeks old. Its so easy, and quick to grow!

How to Build a Potato Tower - Gardening world Maja Bulatovic Bulatovic Bulatovic Haupt for you.

AEROPONIC. No dirt. Grow veggies and fruits with no tilling, or preparing soil. I love this because you can grow totally organic plants with a brown or even black mine. Learn More at