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  • Niki Beaver

    aeroponic garden towers- AMAZING- this would just be fantastic

  • Janice Bradfield

    Aeroponic Tower Gardens Look at the beautiful basil and Bibb lettuce after only 3 weeks in this Florida greenhouse Tower Garden

  • Felicia Sawyer

    3 Week Old Bib Lettuce Grown in the Tower Garden!

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The Garden Tower after 1 week :

My first aeroponic tower garden!!!

This greenhouse utilizes aeroponic towers. Flowers and lettuce are among the crops being grown.

Become an Aeroponic Tower Gardener with the Amazing Tower Garden by Juice Plus+

For Lettuce or Strawberries. What you need to build it: 4'' Weed Barrier Fabric 2x4" Mesh 14 Gauge Wire Fence, 2 CU FT Medium Bark 4' piece of 3″ wide PVC or Flex-Drain Pipe, Perforated, 4" x 8' Twist Tie. Organic Planting Mix, 1 Cubic Feet Leaves to be composted. Farmers Market Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend Seeds 2000 Seeds Alpine Strawberry plants

Many varieties of lettuce are grown hydroponically at the Chena Hot Springs' greenhouse outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Much of what is grown is served in the resort's restaurant, with the remainder being sold at farmers' markets and donated to food banks.

Hydroponic Lettuces - Lufa Farms Rooftop Greenhouse, Montreal