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I bet my grandma still has hers

we had the same vacuum cleaner! I remember the Electrolux man coming to our house to sell it to my Mom! It's almost 50 years old and still runs!

Paper doll

Antique paper dolls and paper toys to make - Joyce hamillrawcliffe - Picasa Web Album

Vintage Baby Toy Rattle .  Pastel disks on a chain 1950s

Pastel disks on a chain - The precursor to plastic keys! I remember Julie having these

Bolinha de gude.

Glass Toy Marbles - Vintage I still love marbles! Used to play them at recess in elementary school. The principal regarded it as gambling and put a stop to it. I was a elementary recess, draw a circle in the dirt, marble gambler too!

Not only was it above the blackboard, but we spent time making a single letter on every line of our paper until it was perfect, and then we practiced more - it was called our "Penmanship" time.

Cursive writing guides above the chalkboard and pull-down maps in schools. I have the map now I just need the cursive guide!

Chatty Cathy; I had one of these but can't remember exactly which one.  Maybe this one?

A chatty Cathy doll.with a pull string. I had a chatty Baby came out after Cathy.

1960s Toys and Games | TOYS AND GAMES OF THE 1960s | ZippyBites. I use to play this game with ...

The Build a Cootie Game - very progressive at the time (with all the gender training toys) for game co. to have a little girl on the box. Good for them.

Where it all began ... Fun with Dick and Jane :)

Dick Jane Sally Spot Puff Tim - learned to read with them. I loved reading these books as a kid!