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Beautiful Sculptures at the Staglieno Cemetery, Italy

The monumental Cemetery of Staglieno is in the eastern district of Genoa. Designed in the early nineteenth century by Carlo Barabino, it features Hundreds of Striking marble sculptures and monuments to the personalities buried here.

Abandoned cemetery by Renegadeofpeace This must have been beautiful in it's day.

Abandoned cemetery by Renegadeofpeace / graveyard / gravestone / headstone / statues / urban decay / reclaimed by nature

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. This cemetery is amazing- it seems to go for miles.

Scene at Pere Lachaise Cemetary. Not sure if it is a statue or a tomb, but the lady looks real.just cleaning the tomb. So beautiful!

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Concept Modeling For Easy Clay Sculptures: – Picture : – Description Spider web veil! Makes me want to go find a statue with a web and get my own shot.

Monumental Cemetery of #Staglieno #sculpture This is so beautiful!

exquisite female figurative sculpture – Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, Genoa