OMG what pretty dishes!!!

Artists Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs create unique, exuberant tableware for their new brand, Victoria & Richard Emprise. We love what their whimsical vibrancy brings to the table.

I'm working on finding new kitchen dishes - to save money, I'm picking up random designs in black and white, like these!  I'm about half way there!

The Rialto Dinnerware collection by Vellum is black & white Limoges porcelain with elegant, geometric patterns similar to mosaic tiles found in Spain.

Noritake vintage floral china-Cardinal pattern-6 piece place setting

gorgeous vintage china-Cardinal china pattern- Noritake piece place setting-mint dishes USD) by marionsvintagebakery

How-To: Painted Song Lyrics Plate

How-To: Painted Song Lyrics Plate

easy to make lyric plates. All you need is plate, Porcelain pen and masking tape. The Porcelain marker directions say to wait 24 hours for the plate to dry then bake it in the oven at 300 for 40 design ideas