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  • Hal Brower

    The Galloping Gourmet first aired in 1969 and ended in 1971. Graham Kerr was The Galloping Gourment... As a young child I loved watching this black & white cooking show!! Note: I remember he liked sipping on a fine wine while cooking. By the end of the show .... he was " feeling allright ;-))

  • Marilyn Miller

    The Galloping Gourmet. ... probably before all todays tv chefs were even born! I loved Graham Kerr. When I was a younger wife and mother, this was my favorite cooking show. He was so funny

  • Lisa Sims Diederich

    My first cooking show I watched as a kid...think that's why I love the Food Network :)

  • Barbara Croteau

    Graham of the funniest chefs ever and still cooked wonderfully......he has came a long way from cooking live in the 70's . My mom watched this show.

  • Angi Healy

    The Galloping Gpurmet

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