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"I'm just going to read a few pages of my book." Translation: I'm going to read at least 100 pages. Leave me alone. I'll see you when I see you. Lol, my husband hates when I find a new series to read.

Leave me alone so I can cry over the deaths of fictional characters! Anyone who gets into reading or TV series will understand the pain of losing a beloved character! Sure, it's not REAL death, but it feels like it. Warn others that you are in mourning with this funny design for book and fiction lovers everywhere.

Leave Me Alone To Cry Over The Deaths of Fictional Characters | Tee

only at the bookstore I end up spending too much money for books I don't need, lol. At least that's my only vice when it comes to spending unnecessarily :)

Bookfessions "I love going to a bookstore or library and just browsing. It's like my own personal therapy session.

"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." LOL

How books work. So true! i am having a book hangover right now and it is very hard. See i read a book and i loved and then read another and ended up liking that one too so now i have a multiple book hangover.

indo a livrarias: como deveria ser / como realmente é

Going to bookstores. *Trust me, I'm the worst when I go into a bookstore. NOT a shoe store. But a BOOKSTORE.

I'm a bookaholic on the road to recovery. JUST KIDDING. I'm on the road to the bookstore. #bookishlove #bookbloggers #bookish

I'm a yarnaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding. I'm on the road to the yarn store. on Tan Quotes - Pinback Button Im a yarnaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding. Im on the road to the yarn store. * inch Pinback Button hand made by me!

I guess it's just me and my feelings...<<< Lockwood and Co. The Screaming Staircase.

So sad, but so true! "When you read a book with no fandom: Well I guess it's just me and my feelings"

"Pet peeve: when someone assumes that when you are reading a book, that you are 'doing nothing' and therefore can be interrupted. Repeatedly." Your eCards

My pet hate. My family do not see reading as something I am doing. Mind you, they don't see anything I am doing as something they cannot interrupt.

Nerdy ❤️

Social dilemma of a bookworm ~ fighting the urge to pull your book out of your purse in social situations