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you know you're too obsessed with twilight when you see this and think of the breaking dawn me!!!XD

Лучи проходят меж стволами. Как я люблю тебя! Лучи проходят меж стволами, пламенем ложатся на стволы. Молчи. Замри под веткою расцветшей, вдохни, какое разлилось — зажмурься, уменьшись и в вечное пройди украдкою насквозь. (с) Владимир Набоков

trees, Chadegan, Isfahan, Iran (My parents walked this very road; it is the exact place where they first met) (ITS AMAZING!)

♥ Sunrise and Sunsets - Fine Art Striking Photography Prints, Canvas Art and Stock Images by James Bo Insogna

would make a neat path to a secret open area. If I get my 80, this will be mine!

Is it the brown & coral combo w/ green, or the gnarled branches that I love about this?

moonlightrainbow: “ ayama: “ beautiful-portals: “ yumyummediaworks: “ dangel799: “ Green Way by NoNicknameNeeded ~ Emerald City Anyone? ” ”

I wish I knew the photographers name on this piece as I couldn't tell from the pin. These trees are mysterious, lovely, and seem to wrap one in. I can only imagine wishing to spend a great deal of time here.

Would love to witness this with my own eyes! Coyote Buttes, Utah ~ stunning!

Lago del Predil, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy