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  • Talawa Presents

    Day of the Dead of Dia de los Muertos will run from1st-2nd Nov 2012. I am planning to get my face painted and go to work normally! Anyone care to join me?

  • ❤ Lisa Watts ❤

    dia de los muertos...last years Halloween costume

  • Michelle Lallier

    DIA De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Makeup | Leave a Reply Cancel reply

  • Alejandrina Soriano

    dia de los muertos makeup ideas | Dia De Los Muertos makeup / make up tips - Juxtapost

  • Woodland Critters

    THE HANDMAIDEN: DAY OF THE DEAD..... awesome Halloween makeup ideas by caroline

  • Elsa Calderon
    Elsa Calderon • 3 years ago

    Una catrina es una obra de arte relacionada con la muerte. Tiene un significado metafórico de la clase social alta mexicana. Es una calavera, una huesuda que lleva sombrero y si es con plumas de avestruz mejor que mejor. Su creación se debe al gran artista mexicano José Guadalupe Posada, y fue nombrada así por Diego Rivera. La Catrina no tiene ropa, debe llevar sólo el sombrero, y es una crítica al mexicano rico y pobre que quiere aparentar ser europeo.

  • Stephanie Hughes
    Stephanie Hughes • 3 years ago

    Gracias por la explicacion! Me encanta la celebracion del dia de los muertos!

  • Heather
    Heather • 3 years ago

    I had to Google Elsa's explanation and thought it was really informative. Here it is in English for those of you who are interested. Hope you don't mind, Elsa! A catrina is a work of art-related death. It has a metaphorical meaning of the Mexican upper class. It is a skull, a bony wears a hat and if ostrich feathers the better. It was created by the great Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, and was named by Diego Rivera. La Catrina has no clothes, you wear only the hat, and a critique of the rich and poor Mexican who wants to appear to be European.

  • Eileen Harryvan
    Eileen Harryvan • 2 years ago

    Thanks Heather, I was abt to look it up when I saw your post :)

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