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You my dear sir, are a very, very pretty man.. My mouth just dropped.

this makes me think of all my guy friends and how crazy they are and yet how much fun they are to be with!

I have no idea who this is hard to take your eyes off of to be perfectly honest :)

HHHHHHHEEEELLLO!!! Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again??

Honey....this is not a country boy. Just because he's in a field doesn't mean he plows it. No farmers tan, long hair that would get sweaty and in the way in our southern heat, and skin with no scars from "I dare ya to..."? That is NOT a country boy.

Well I have no idea who this is.. But the shirt makes you 10x more beautiful.

Baseball Boys, yes indeed!! I want one for Christmas please!! :))

i don't care how many people tell me they "think" he's gay. i don't care. i love him, and he's NOT gay.

i suddenly have this urge to learn how to surf(;

Liam Hemsworth. Yum. How is it that Miley Cyrus gets this piece of man candy to herself? It just ain't right. Haha.

Tom Welling, Smallville. I used to watch Smallville when I was a kid and have a crush on Tom Welling :)