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brasilia 1960 complimentary color orange blue poster

This piece is also a tribute to the late Shigeo Fukuda who is one of Japan's greatest poster designers, you be may be able to spot the influence if you are familiar with his work. The typography used was designed by Sawdust.

More+ - typo design for

Japanese Poster: World Design Expo. Ryohei Kojima. 1989 - Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

Another beautiful design expo. I wonder what'll happen if you put all the World Expo posters ever created in a straight line...

Poster designed by Brian Leuck, Kayo Takasugi, design firm of Grady, Campbell, Inc. for Novum Structures. Image from Graphis Poster Annual 2007

ZKM Plakatwand 2002 Exhibit. Designed by Sven Michel. Image from Karlsruher Ikonotope 1992-2002.

Letters and Sodas - vintage-inspired designs and type experiments. A poster with some Liz Phair lyrics.

The more organic fruit you eat, the healthier you will be. Your cells run on sugar! The healthy sugars in fruit will reverse disease.

Quim Marin has a love for color blocking, which shows beautifully in this poster... design by Marin Dsgn...