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True!! Don't get yourself confused, just because we're related doesn't mean we're family. Even more so, if we didn't even grow up together. I don't owe you anything. Sorry that you were more of a stress and negative energy in my life, something I don't need. Moving on! :)

Etsyfrom Etsy

You Are The...You Are My Everything wood sign Wedding Gift

You Are The...You Are My Everything Have use this in a photo gallery. Could make a great gift for newlyweds with wedding pictures plus this in a 9-12+ photo frame.

zulilyfrom zulily

'My Kids Are' Box Sign

So if you didn't have rugrats, you'd have no reason as a person to get up every morning? Boy, you must really have no self-identity.

I will have to put this somewhere in the casa

You're My Happily Ever After Wood Sign - Typography Word Art - Your Choice of Color