“Please go back to bed” clock

20 Hacks for the home

FABULOUS idea!!! Totally copying!!! :)

-RED means STAY IN BED it's still time to be sleeping -YELLOW means MELLOW activities (reading or quiet play) -GREEN means GO and they can come out of their room

Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper - use a pool noodle!

Sink extender for kids - My favorite pin ever!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 28 Pics

Never would have thought of this...Emergency Contact information for rescue workers on both sides of every car seat. Child's name, phone number, etc. In the event of a wreck most children in car seats can't or won't be able to give this information to rescue workers.

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Sara Kety Baby & Kids 'Her Majesty' Cotton Bodysuit (Baby Girls) available at #Nordstrom

Indoor Games for Kids to Burn Off Energy - Mommiedaze

Great idea for kids eating in the car!! Wish I would have seen this one Years ago!!!!

10 ways to make cleaning fun for kids - for Aunt Jen's boot camp

Great idea! And it fits great in a bag for traveling. No more cheap boxes falling apart.

Gift rule Gift rule Gift rule

Chore Pins/Magnets- Kids choose the job and how much it's worth. At the end of the week, total amount is how much allowance they receive.

Magnetic Kid Cups - no more using 50 cups a day for drinks of water. Love this

Write notes back forth with your child. Leave it on their bed, when they have a chance, they write back and leave it on your bed. How neat would it be to have those notes to look back on? I can only imagine how special this will be! MUST DO THIS!

I kinda want to do one of these. I think I could do them all each day, besides make my bed. I am not making my bed, screw that.

Sara Kety Baby & Kids 'Grandma Was Here' Bodysuit (Baby Boys) | Nordstrom

Open the flap for minutes. What a great idea!