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Tarahumara, México, The spiral of creation is feminine, therefore. we all living life forms come from the heart of the goddess in us, beauty and creation are my motives for being, find here my own art work and great artists 4 life, go green and self-sufficient with renewable energies that cost no money,

Mujer Tarahumara; Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico

Catedral de la Ciudad de Mexico Cathedrals seem to be on every itinerary when a group is involved. I enjoyed the square outside with street performers and vendors more, but inside was beautiful, of course. Everyone was talking about it sinking, so maybe it's not there now. #lulz #eyeamwhy #aperfectlife

If I were to ever live in Mexico, my house would soooo be this color!!!!!

Tarahumara Matachin dancer of La Sierra de Chihuahua, Mexico

Matachin dancer (La Sierra de Chihuahua, Mexico)

The Tarahumara - a community of indigenous people of northwestern Mexico.

Matachin Dancer portrait Tarahumara Matachin dancer of La Sierra de Chihuahua, Mexico. Learn more about Mexico's indigenous peoples, including 25 beautiful color photos, TRADITIONS and HISTORY at

Angel of Independence sculpture at Reforma Avenue in Mexico City

La luna inmensa llena de colores las aguas de la #RivieraMaya. Paraíso que es tan bello de día como de noche.

They say “Life is a Journey” – but sometimes it can feel like a forced march. :-)