Collecting user manuals: put manuals and receipts in a sheet protector in a binder so you always have it on hand and in one spot. A must!

Glue a rock to the top of a empty pill bottle, bury the bottle so that only the rock shows. Spare key inside!

Family emergency binder

organize user manuals--I so need to do this!

Organizing your file cabinet

Get Organized in 2015 - 15 free printables to organize your life including meal planners, cleaning schedules and more!

This. just. changed. my. life.

Meal planning made easy

paper towel holder, rings and binder pages

bridesmaid gifts?

How To Organize Your Fridge : how to store food in the smartest spots.


Organizing Your Bills So You Don't Miss a Payment.. #DIY #Organization

How to organize user manuals and receipts - Day 5 of 31 Pinterest projects in 31 days at

Calendar Kit. a reusable binder with page protectors and a dry erase marker! good idea!

mudroom in the garage, keep the junk outside!!! Love it!

Picture hanger. Oh how many times I could have used this! Why don't they put hangers on all frames?! Great idea!!

Use a Command Hook to keep a garbage bag from tipping over in the car

No Specific Order Notepad | For a the list makers in your life!

Important Information Binder