Car emergency kit that fits inside a wipes container!

HOMEOWNERS RED FILE FOR EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ~ A Red File is a binder with all your important documents in one place. In case of an emergency, it can be easily retrieved and taken to safety. Make exact COPIES of credit cards, medical ID cards (front and back), auto and home insurance policies, passwords etc... Extensive list of items that should be included, many of which you may not have thought of!

Organize Girly Products. Organize bathroom. Reuse diaper wipe container.

Toothpaste Dots for camping. Lay out foil sheet or parchment and make rows of dollops of toothPASTE. Allow to dry for 2-4 days. Sprinkle baking soda on top to keep from sticking. Repackage in small bags. To use simple pop one dot in your mouth, chew, then add a small amount of water in your mouth and start brushing. This tip reduces weight in your pack. could also work for travel in general or even emergency storage!

How to make a first aid kit for your car without spending much money. This is perfect for when you are at the park, at your kids sporting events and even camping!

Have a bunch of empty wipe containers sitting around? Here are great DIY projects to give them clever new uses!

Emergency Notebook with printables so you can make your own for your family! It's called "my life in a box" for emergencies.--Important-Documents

Simple Organizing: Coffee Creamer Containers

Useful tip parcticularly if you're travelling with children - DIY first aid kit for your car.

Printable grocery list - Ask Anna

Awesome organization

Why is it that one careless match can cause a wildfire, but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire? This idea allows you to store your matches in a prettier and sturdier way than the box they came in.

Great organizing solution on the cheap! Boxes with bottoms and lids covered with fabric. Makes me rethink what I recycle. From Operation Organization.

car trash can - cascade dish soap container

Day 29 – Emergency Car Kit - 72 hour Kits - Preparedness Mama

Kids Christmas Eve Box: Start this fun tradition with your kids!

DIY paper mache letters. These are made out of cereal boxes!---What? What did you say? Doing this.

"The Flour Game" – A FUN Holiday Tradition! | One Good Thing by Jillee

sewing kit jars...a mini one for travel - good for presents too!!

Household unknowns