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"Humanae" is a superb project of the Spanish artist photographer Angelica Dass, who made a huge Human Pantone Swatches, with no fewer than 150 models,

Photographing Every Skin Tone in the World - http://www.psfk.com/2015/05/every-pantone-skin-tone-in-the-world-in-pantone-colors-angelica-dass.html

Pantone Skin Tone Project Shows Spectrum of Diversity

An on-going photography project takes portraits of strangers and matches their skin tone to a unique Pantone color

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Christian Louboutin Unveils Nude Pumps For All Skin Tones. because not all "nudes" are created equal.


These Things No. 64

i should have titled this post “the waiting game” as our baby is overdue and i’m just, well, waiting. waiting is boring. limbo is boring.

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36 Things Every 2013 Girl Loves

Fall Red Lipstick Comparison (cute idea)

Fall Red Lipstick Comparison

Cause red lipstick for your engagement photos is fab! Top 5 Fall Red Lipsticks compared on Tan to Fair skin

Though the project, Humanae, shows how vast the variety in skin tones is, it also shows the continuous spectrum that goes through the colors

Photographer tries to capture every shade of human skin in the world

How can the shade of your skin impact your health? Learn about the Fitzpatrick Scale today!

OOOHH this makes me wanna cut my  hair SO bad I love this and the color combination is so cool

Looking for a hot and trendy hairstyle? This bob hairstyle is cool and funky. The hair is styled short at back with the front, much longer. The fringe falls down to the chin and its a fun and playful style. hair LOVE THUS ANS COLOR

love print studio blog: Colour crush...

sugar shades for inspiration for your wedding day, mix it up with contrasting palette. great coral, green and purple color palette

How to Start a Skincare Routine In 8 Simple Steps! Figuring out Your Skin Type & The best Beauty Products To Use! You Only Get one Set of Skin, Treat it right Before It's To Late!

Figure out your face shape // Diamond // #beauty #face

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape Once and for All

The main difference between a diamond-shaped face and a heart-shaped face is the hairline—if you have a diamond-shaped face, your hairline will be narrower.

Whoa. Photographer Angelica Dass is creating a chromatic range of human skin tones.

The Human Pantone Project Will Make You Smile

Photographer Angelica Dass is creating a chromatic range of human skin tones.