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Christmas traditions around the world + photos!

Suckling pig: Traditional German dish eaten on “Dickbauch” (Christmas Eve) feast day. “Dickbauch” means “fat stomach” and if you do not eat well on that day, you will be haunted by DEMONS! Say wha!? Interesting Christmas superstition indeed!(

While pig roasts occur year round, in some countries they are the main holiday dish at Christmas. In the Philippines, the pig may be stuffed with spices and roasted on a bamboo spit over hot coals. In Puerto Rico, the unfortunate holiday swine is prepared with a wet seasoning, adobo mojado, that contains crushed garlic, black pepper, salt, olive oil and wine vinegar. Photo: whologwhy

PHOTOS: Feliz Navidad : Fun Latino Christmas Celebrations

Misa de Gallo, or the Rooster's Mass, is a celebrated at midnight on Christmas Eve to mark the birth of baby Jesus. This Catholic tradition originated in Rome and Spain but spread to other countries. Today, Misa de Gallo is one of most important celebrations across the Hispanic world and even in the Philippines, where it is "traditionally held at the crack of dawn,"according to News Info Inquirer. "When the practice was popularized in Mexico, it was attuned to the needs of rural families…

Avenidazo Christmas celebrations in Costa Rica - People wearing typical paper mache masks take part in the Avenidazo holiday celebrations in San Jose.