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    LEON KEER: Piggy Bank in Fukuoka Japan. This 3d street painting measures 45 m2 created on vinyl in front of Iwataya department store at Tenjin district.

    LEON KEER: 3d street art with Egypt theme for Legoland Gunzburg Germany. The 3d street painting measures 30 square meters.

    LEON KEER: 3d street art "wasting time" at Circular Quay Sydney Australia. This anamorphic art was created in 6 days with 8 artists during the Chalk Urban Art Festival. The 3d street painting measures 340 m2. On show until October 26 in front of Customs House

    Rainbow Waterfall

    Giant Apple For 'Bugs Ruin Everything' Campaign

    Toronto Tourism Board

    CN Tower

    Canary Wharf

    Letter home: Joe Hill with an image showing an iconic British post box bursting out of a Sydney pavement

    Dutch artist Remko Van Schaik, 45, picks up debris on his 3D elephant art he painted on the ground at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand

    Dutch artist Leon Keer is known for his impressive street art displays that play with perspective, but he also knows how to attract onlookers -- by choosing a recognizable theme. One of his most recent works seen in the Netherlands paid homage to Pac-Man, the 1980s arcade game.

    Leon Keer, Chalk Artist, Creates 'Piggy Bank' Optical Illusion In Japan

    For the upcoming snake show in the Intratuin Utrecht, I made a 3D anamorphic cobra coming out of the basket. - Leon Keer

    LeBron James

    The Big Salad

    The Black Hole - Kurt Wenner

    The Belgian Underground - Kurt Wenner

    God of War - Kurt Wenner

    The Tempest - Kurt Wenner

    Kurt Wenner

    What you see below is a street and a plain stone bench occupied by an ordinary citizen and one unordinary creature. Both pavement and bench are partially covered by a chalk drawing. The drawing disappears in places, and at one point seems to bump into a metal pole. What I find so interesting about this anamorphic painting is it’s seamless transition between flat pavement surface and a bench. Julian Beever

    College 3d Street Art

    London Aquarium 3d Street Art

    Nike at Moscow Park

    3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt - Pandas Eating