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Nasty Woman Enamel Lapel Pin 1" Heart // ready to ship by TheTempestuousTeacup on Etsy

I've pinned it before, I'll pin it again. Supervillain accidentally becomes hero's sort of parent writing prompt

More like annoying babble of the masses, where is that coming from and how do I shut up the idiots?!

from Polyvore

Don't give up on me 😔

"Don't give up on me " by queenjamil ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring xO Design, UGG Australia, Juicy Couture, Erica Courtney and Fahrenheit

The only way you are considered "normal" is if you are a straight white male... That is sad.

To understand me you gotta know my story and understand I ain't grow up like most normal folks i came from pain

When Shawn Spencer takes up a new occupation <-- Oh my goodness, that caption! :D

"I suggest, unless you like the feeling of a hook, piercing flesh, you shove off, Your Majesty" - Killian and the Evil Queen #OnceUponATime