Use old drawers as wall shelves

DIY Drawer Shelves for the Kids' Room

Cool idea but why do so many people have old drawers? DIY: Old Drawers To New Shelves

I still have baby wipe containers all over the house, even though we haven’t had a baby in diapers for more than 3 years.

Storage Solutions from Baby Wipe Containers

User Question: "Looking for crafts I can make with diaper wipe containers.* KinderJam Answer: 24 Awesome Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Containers!

Great Idea for getting things off the counter!!

Turn cans into utensil storage. By mounting them to a cutting board and attaching it to the wall, you free up valuable counter space in a small apartment kitchen. Choose cans that match your color scheme.

May December Home: Repurposing

Now I know what to do with my dad's old tool box. This one is a carpenter's tool box. Great turned for a cup holder. Coffee station almost done!

Mason Jar Wall Vase  D.I.Y for your bathroom toothbrushes and stuff! Could use on an outside wall with flowers or tea light candles the-name-s-jars-mason-jars

I know I said some dirty things about pinning Mason Jar ideas but . I need all the ideas I can get to clean up my non-existant bathroom counter space! Mason Jar Wall Vase D.Y for your bathroom toothbrushes and stuff!

Crystal Light Containers to hold blocks of cheese.  No more zip-lock baggies.  Better for the environment.  You can reuse these over and over.

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container? Cheese holder and 25 other things.I(Staci) buy Crystal light all the time and then throw away.I always have cheese and put in ziplocks,but this is way better.I better save them now.